Frequently Asked Questions

How longs is my course good for?
You course is valid for year from date of activation.

Can I by a course for some else?
You can purchase a course for you or anyone else you want. If the course is for someone else then please fill out the lower section of the order form for that person.

Can the PADI eLearner stop any time and come back to it?
Yes. The PADI eLearning program allows the student diver to stop and restart as convenient. The eLearner has up to 12 months to come back and finish. If a significant break occurs, the eLearning system sends out a reminder email to the eLearner and prompts a return to PADI eLearning.

What languages is PADI eLearning available in?
PADI’s eLearning Open Water Diver Course is available in English, Japanese, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch and German. The PADI eLearning Advanced Open Water Diver and Enriched Air Diver Courses are available in English only at this time.

Is it possible for multiple students to share a single PADI eLearning training account?
No. Each student diver must individually meet knowledge development performance requirements which require a separate registration and sign on.

What course information does a PADI eLearner receive?
The eLearning link on takes the eLearner to the initial information and registration page. It states that learning to scuba dive or continuing your education requires both knowledge development and motor skills. It’s made clear that the online program and associated fee only covers the course knowledge development. To develop the remaining skills and earn certification, it explains that they must interact with a PADI Instructor by enrolling in and paying for the rest of the training course.

What is minimum age and other requirements needed.
Additionally, eLearners are informed that 10 years old is the minimum age for PADI eLearning course enrollment. They also learn that all student divers must have reasonable swimming abilities, be in good health and meet medical requirements. All eLearners are encouraged to download the RSTC Medical Statement and get approval as necessary before starting the course.

What happens after the eLearner completes all knowledge development?
Besides receiving a congratulations email reminding them to complete their course training, eLearners print out an eLearning Record that indicates completion of the knowledge development portion of the course. When the student diver arrives with an eLearning Record, it will be placed it in the Student Record File, a Quick Review will be preformed, all administrative forms will be completed and then the student can progress to the remainder of the training.

What does the PADI eLearning Record look like; what does it mean?
When the eLearner completes all knowledge development online, including quizzes and the exam, the eLearning Record is available to print out. The eLearning Record is an official document that lists successful completion dates for all knowledge development sections.

Will the PADI eLearner know that he must be medically fit for diving?
Yes. Before registering, the eLearner will be informed of medical fitness requirements for scuba diving. The eLearner will be prompted to complete the medical screen from the RSTC Medical form, and to secure medical clearance before in water activities if required. The full medical form will be available online. Medical requirements for Australia and New Zealand will be addressed as well.

How do we sign in for the first time for PADI Elearner and wht can I expect to see?
It is as simple as watching this online video that will show you everything step by step.

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