SCUBA diving in St. Lucia, West Indies

By Rendezvous Resorts

St. Lucia is as exotic underwater as it is above. Enjoy a new world with the Rendezvous dive team and enjoy a stunning SCUBA diving vacation.

There is nothing quite like SCUBA diving in St. Lucia. Above sea level it may well be a lush tropical paradise, but below sea level it is a stunning garden of colours, textures, flora and fauna. The deep reds, yellows, greens and browns of fifty types of coral are offset by the deep blue hues of the sea. You will see hundreds of different types of fish and if you are lucky, turtles, lobster, frogfish, eels, sponges, crabs and squid.

Experience the romantic side of SCUBA diving as a couple and you will enjoy first-hand the wonders of the deep ocean with our team. They will take you to the most remarkable dive sites for a truly spectacular look at St. Lucia’s amazing underwater world.

At Rendezvous however safety is very much a byword. Whether you are a seasoned diver or new to diving, we always make sure that diving is both safe and fun!

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